Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Somethings going down!

It's the Wednesday club and my head wasn't in the game, it only really sank in that I normally see my children today when I was heading to my girls from the train station. The babies relatives were around so was kind of annoyed with myself. Not that I have been able or wanting to speak to her as she has gone back to the standard 'You're not seeing the children response'. We'll see how long that lasts hey, I swear it's just for attention. It's not about you hey!

Anyway think the car is done now and I have payed admin fees on it. Only downside is that it's over near Southend so have to head over there to sign paperwork and then when all is clear and the dealer is paid I can go over and pick up the car. Seems a decent deal and the price is £1000 cheaper than valued. I'll see what I make of it when I get there but it looks alright and it's better than the car I did have. Think I will keep it a year and then trade it for profit and buy something better. Maybe a Lambo or a Ferrari, seems more like it! Check!

Lets talk about more important matters that have been brought to my attention anyway. That's right there are ducks available to buy at Old Street. I don't know what to do about it! If you can help then drop me an email!