Thursday, August 09, 2007

Social networking

So today was when I got to embark on a new project, having been a Microsoft MVP for three years I was looking forward to seeing what O2 would offer. With Microsoft I was selected as I was hardcore on their forums and groups, with O2 it's because I send a lot of text messages. Notice similarities there, I think it's probably something to along the lines of having an addictive personality. Getting too involved with what's available to me. Anyway after work I headed over to the O2 Dome to meet up with the other Guru's and participate in group discussions. My girl wasn't too well so I was worried about the time but I figured that I would commit to this as it interested me. And in the hope I would get to her after quick time...

Only downside was that when leaving in the morning for work I made a schoolboy error of forgetting to put on antiperspirant so was a bit uncomfortable there as I felt like the B.O Master. Hopefully no one suspected or caught a whiff. Won't be making that mistake again!! Well with my aura I arrived at the O2 Lounge and was given £40 for attending, sweet! I proceeded to the bar and figured I would probably end up spending most of the money there, I was wrong as it was a free bar, sweeter haha!!

The night went well and we discussed what O2 had to offer and spoke extensively about what affects us and the connectivity with such sites like Facebook and MySpace. Everyone on my table was on it with Facebook and it became the main topic. I liked the ideas that they put on the table and will definitely be participating in future. If any of you get a call regarding this definitely opt in as it's great to get your opinion out there.

After the event it took me the best part of two hours to get home, annoying as wanted to get home for my girl and look after her. When I arrived she was asleep so I had to break in and after trying to wake her she smothered me with a pillow. Thanks babe, sweet dreams too. Just sitting at work at the moment and checked up on the car and was informed there is a supposed post strike holding up mail. Tried to sort out my bank charges and after knocking me with my bank it seems they are trying to do the same with the costs of the statements grrr. Not sure what the plan is for tonight, my girl is not feeling too good at the moment so TLC headed her way after work!!