Saturday, August 04, 2007


Well my girl rolled in last night and had clearly had a few too many as she was well making me laugh with her disorientation until I received a back hander across the mouth. Cheers for that babe! Got up early this morning and was in two minds over staying and looking after her for a few more hours and going and sorting the car out and getting it out of the way. Where my girl and the baby were asleep decided it best sort the car so it's done.

What an adventure this was but lucky enough going there it was clockwork as from the bus I got the train straight away then on the tube it was waiting for me. Had to wait for twenty minutes on the Southend train though but weren't too bad as just read up on the news. Community Shield build up is getting to me now but having a day with my girl. Apparently the missing girl Maddie has been sighted and police are to do a DNA test on a glass the girl was using.

Once the train got going it got there quite quickly, spoke to my girl who had woken up at this point and she was telling me about her earache. I had heard a fair bit about this last night so it was refreshing to hear. It was like her battle cry last night haha! Met up with the guy with the car and took it for a spin and was impressed, it's a 1.8 Focus Zetec and it's nice and will definitely do for the time being. After signing the paperwork I headed back on the trains but the journey back was annoying.

The chav generation are so annoying and disrespectful, I was once a layabout and someone who weren't interested in the straight and narrow but some of these kids are discusting. The whole carriage turned on this one girl who was playing drum and bass from her phone and she weren't having none of it. Threatening to hit a women, shouting at this old man. One guy threatened to throw her phone off the train had she not turned it down but she was relentless. I figured a more suitable punishment would be to get the phone and ring her parents. I know I would be screwing if my children were out of control in public and would be on their case straight away if I got a call about her. The girl must have been barely 14 and if the way she acts is the standard she has set then an exciting career she has set herself. Roll on the Apprentice for her hey!

Eventually got back to my girls and crashed out with her, not before I had visited the shops many times to get stock and then cash for our Chinese meal. I had Squid, still not made up on this and think I will avoid it next time! Loved the duck though, Duck is the way forward. Just watching movies now and Groundhog Day is on and there are a few days in my life I would like to live over again and change the outcome. One day my girl brought up was when we first met hmm I thought it was a good day but that's me. You can read up on it
here !!