Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't just walk... RUN!!

Well jealous today, found out that my children are heading out to see Transformers. Team B on the other hand went on a mission to Thurrock to IKEA to pick up a lamp and some pear cider. Successful with the lamp gain but weren't with the cider as they had lost their license. With it being Wednesday club I crashed out in the bedroom while the relatives were around, falling asleep which is what I did last time. I had big plans but my brother had broken my Xbox 360 and I tried getting it running but no joy. Stay tuned for the payback on this soon as I have ways of getting my point across!! After the family left we all got on a mad one, first my girls sister popped over for dinner and then we hyped ourselves up and got the baby really running about and I became the worlds strongest man ROoooooaAr !!!