Friday, August 17, 2007

Compliance Day

Today was the Annual work compliance day and there always seems to be something going off at these events. Last year I have the scars to prove the aftermath of too much drinking, had too much to drink before midday then and ended up hitting a golf ball into my face. Very impressed with that achievement!! Not going to be the same this year as I am driving to my girls parents tonight so not going to get drunk at all. Today had no idea where we were going, the cabs arrived and we shot across London to a church near Centre Point. We were to have a Hawaiian Barbecue in the Church grounds. Game on! There was a lot laid on and we moved around the grounds quickly to the darts available. Completely forgetting last year with the injury we were throwing the darts high into the air and trying to get them through hoops. Common sense prevails.

After darts we moved on to something a little safer, table football. We all teamed up into pairs and got to scoring me, me and my friend only lasted two games before we were well and truly beaten. Was a good laugh though and could see hours being lost here.

Next up was basketball and played here for a while, no dunking though as no one was getting anywhere near to achieving a spectacle like that. Some of my work mates weren't too bad at this and watching them move about was impressive. Especially as in work mode you don't vision people to be on it like that.
Next up we ate and then made use of all of the sports available, football, rounders and cricket. There was golf as well but steered clear of that in case I revisited last year, anyway golf didn't seem that appealing anyway. Knocking over Jenga with the football did though and we tried for a while to take it down but when I hit the ball into one of the girls faces we decided to play a match instead whoops!

The drink was well and truly hitting some people at this point and my friend was out of the game as he was staggering about and someone had ground an orange into his head. He didn't seem to care though. I was hobbling about sober but was having a right laugh even with the amount of times my foot got trodden on. I am so going to have to rip off my nail soon. Eeeek! Next up after the games it was all about trying to block people into the toilets, this worked a little but my pal was like a Rhino bursting free when he got trapped. In awe at this guy when he has had a few drinks. The drinks flowed and the clock reached home time so I flew off to pick up my children and now just getting ready to head to my girls parents!