Thursday, August 02, 2007

Note: Don't take a joke too far!

Woah!! Today was a day where actions spoke a lot louder than words. I won't go into it but from the ducks yesterday it's a shame there wasn't a duck today. Sorry! Anyway tomorrow is going to be a race to get in, lately something always ends up being a stumbling block for some reason or another. Well the thing is I have to be in early for a meeting with the MD to talk about the future of the company. Should be good! On a different note still no joy with my quest for a new job. Once the car is sorted I think I will get hardcore onto this. Got into it today and had a few comebacks but none that were overly suitable. Think I need to register with a few more agencies so they do the leg work for me. Least I do enjoy my current job though unlike the person who left the below tidy pile down the road from my work building haha!!