Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lose your head on a Thursday

Well the interview went okay, it was actually for the company as it was more of an IT Solutions company seeing what I was like. I think my CV did the talking and now I have to wait on a call to see how I did on the test. Hopefully good news! Decided to head out for a few hours tonight to see my friends. The smoking ban is funny as they have to head outside all the time to feed their addiction, wimps! Was a decent night but feel well old compared to some people out and probably the best part of a decade compared to a few haha. One of my friends was absorbed with a fruit machine which kind of set the theme for the night with the machines. Weren't really feeling the night and plus I weren't drinking so eventually headed off to catch an early night ready for the company work adventure tomorrow and also my drive down to Herne Bay that night to spend the weekend down my girls parents!!