Friday, August 10, 2007

Will it burst

As with anything there is momentum, a start and a finish. It's fact as nothing goes on for ever there is always going to be a point when something reaches it's destination. Take a balloon for example it can only last so long as if it gets to high it will pop and if it comes into contact with an outside force it will meet it's premature ending. I am a balloon, a big bright Panda balloon and I can see for miles. I can see the clouds and the stars, I can also see the dangers that the world has for balloons. Maybe I should hide away somewhere, a place with less exposure. I mean it's not like a balloon is weak as it can bounce! Anyway I would rather be a balloon than an egg, so if you don't follow lets hope you don't end up with egg on your face. The timely ending for the clock that strikes too much, the boomerang that shouldn't come back or the taste of mouldy cheese. Off out tonight with my girl for a few drinks and to see if she'll save the last dance!!!!!