Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life's a drag!!

It's the weekend and it's another adventure, after the children were all returned to us I quickly got ready and then we headed off to Hyde Park. The children were excited about going to a park but we decided that we would take a brief detour before reaching our destination. First stop was Tottenham Court Road and we jumped off the train and started our walk to Hyde Park and to get me some sandals. Was a scorching day and our team of adventurers were feeling in the need of replenishment. We walked into what seemed like the smallest McDonalds around but woah this was like a tardis and it was huge inside. Our dog walk had turned into a farce already as the Puppy had given up before we had even started so the walk had become a drag. Luckily we brought the dog bag with us as she just crashed in there. Only coming out for a drink and to check out the McDonalds.
After here we hit Topman/Topshop, my look was brief and saw a few items of interest. My girl came alive and was racing around like a headless chicken until we pinned her down and made her eat a sweet from the floor. That didn't really happen and for that I am sure to expect a comeback. Try!!
After here we headed to a few more stops and my boy needed a pit stop so I left the girls in River Island and found a nearby pub. Good opportunity to check the football scores which was a touch. My boy needing a wee every hour has it's advantages. Or does it?!? After this we had another break and stopped for tea, I ended up swapping drinks with my boy as he weren't feeling his orange so had the tea instead. I got really jealous though and ended up making another cup from the kettle in the milk jug. Thankfully the restaurant wasn't too full so no funny looks.
From here we headed to Selfridges and checked out the Chloe section, this is THE shop for my girl and from how animated she was about the majority of the bags I can see the shop costing me a small fortune. Especially as I feel that bags need to be replaced every few months due to wear and tear. Picked out a few items and then moved on to Office wear I picked up a pair of Havanas for the park. Now we were ready for the park and not a moment too soon as the boy was beginning to get restless. After trawling through the maze of subway to reach the park we finally emerged at our destination. Everyone got involved with the Carousel leaving me to drag the dog along and take pictures. Felt really harsh as everyone around was Awwwing at the Puppy and I was pulling her along not realising she was motionless. Ooops! Anyway after chilling in the park for a bit she did get the hang of the lead which was good and our mission proved successful. Teaching my boy had to go toilet discretely didn't though and he was embarrassing sneaking off to relieve himself behind trees. Really need to work on that boy!!
We found a swing park after a mission and were in awe at the Asian community as there was a large gathering all in their fancy clothing. We sat watching them for a while, the way they walked and conducted themselves. Gave like an air of mystery as they were mainly covered in their traditional garments. At this point we headed off as we were all proper feeling the amount of walking and headed home for bed. Today I think we are just going to have a relax but I am sure that will change as it always does...