Monday, August 13, 2007

Mirror, mirror

So the order of play yesterday was for the Adams Family and one of my girls friends to go to the cinema. We were all really feeling Surf's Up but when we got there it just wasn't to be as it wasn't on for a long time. Instead we decided on watching the Brats Movie! Yeah I was well for this, honestly. We had some drinks first and then toilet boy needed to relieve himself so I took him and hoped he wouldn't need to go while the movie was on. We stocked up on sweets to enjoy during the showing but they were confiscated once we gave over our tickets. Damn you!!

The film was okay anyway but more of a chick flick, I tried to sort out the two youngest children and the boy wasn't too bad but the baby who was experiencing her first cinema showing wanted action. I decided to head out of the cinema briefly and go into the Arcade. Didn't really cut it though so needed more! Walking back to the others to try and rock her to sleep in the buggy I was suddenly summoned. By none other than Octimus Prime, I heard the voice bellowing out from another cinema so decided to venture in with the baby. A real action scene was taking place so I settled to watch some. Some only lasted about 2 minutes but I saw enough to know I have to see this movie. Headed back and then watched the remainder of the Brats movie. It wasn't rubbish, it just wasn't me but the girls were feeling it and I am sure all of them will be back for the sequel haha.

Afterwards we headed over to meet my children's mother, she has moved house this week so there were a few bits I needed to pick up. Was a bit sad seeing all their baby stuff and significant
things from their life. House had changed massively since I had last been inside, not that I was feeling down just that I have moved on a lot and where this was a part of me in the past it was full of ghosts and bad memories. The only good thing was my children's things really, I collected a Pumpkin outfit of my daughters and a hand print of my boys and also a Birthday badge with the number four on it. Yeah I am a geek but do one! I also got my chest ha ha!! As with Pirates of the Caribbean and Davy Jones chest this is mine. Lots of things here, my tattoo designs, a reminder of my organisation and also some other random things. It's just me in a box like a Kinder Surprise. All said and done and closed now anyway.