Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A small update!!

Wasn't in work yesterday as the family were ill, woke up and it was like a hospital ward. Made the decision to take the day off so that my Girl could rest and also to take them both to the doctors. Found out today that the older two children had taken the day off school as well as they weren't feeling too great. Their mum told me that they were up all night so she let them both have the day off. Quite the poorly family wouldn't you say. I'm worried that I will catch something next although walking home in the pouring rain Sunday morning is surely going to come back and bite me!

Work today was stressful as I have just completed a migration which is taking place across the country and I've received a few emails that have caused me concern. My worry is that if it does go wrong then I will be heavily in the firing line! Wasn't at work for that long as I left early as it's open evening for the children which I enjoy. Luckily I managed to get the time off of work so that I could travel to their school as I didn't give much of a notice period!

Arrived at the school in good time for once and met up with some of the parents that I knew. Their mum was running late so I headed around to meet the Boy, his class kicks out first and on hearing my voice he ran to the door cheering. Walked around and met my daughter from her class and then with their mum arriving we went in with the rest of the parents waiting to be seen. Around the tables set out to see the teachers were the children's trays with all their work inside.

The Boy's tray contained mainly artwork, drawings that he had created from stories and his interpretations. There were a few comments about him not completing work due to concentration but overall it was good. I especially liked his computer work which showed an interesting variation of his name he had entered displaying as something very futuristic. I am counting on him going on to be a computer programmer for sure ha! Speaking with his two teachers they both said that from the Boy that started and would hide under tables and run around screaming he has integrated into the classroom now. They said that he is continuing to improve and was a popular figure!

Next I went through the Eldest's tray and I was amazed at her literacy, she had written pages and pages of stories and information on what she had got up to. I picked up on one story she had written about her adventures with me and my partner down to Herne Bay as a family. I wish I had more time to go through everything but I will have that opportunity at the end of term. We then went in to see her teacher and she spoke very highly of her work and commitment. She said of her that she was an honour to teach and found her stories very engaging. She said that as a reader you want to feel engrossed to carry on reading and her writing had that effect. High fives all around!!

Arriving home after a trek on the buses and collecting the car was a relief and I just collapsed onto my Girl's lap on walking through the door. Baby is still a little run down but she is at least eating now which is a welcome relief. Things are better between me and my Girl after a messed up weekend! Made plans for my birthday now finally so looking forward to that. Watched the football tonight and Christiano Ronaldo is amazing, how I would love to see him in a blue strip now as he is head and shoulders above everyone. Evident with his goal tonight, hopefully Chelsea will also be victorious tomorrow. As for the all England extravaganza, it's too tight to call but I'm hoping that Liverpool will prevail as if we progress I want to beat them this time around. Third time lucky, got to get past Fenerbache first!!!