Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A challenger has entered the arena!!!!

My Girl had an ear ache today so we headed out for a walk, and we came across the perfect setting for Lanzarote Abbey Road Ala The Beatles. Obviously a moment for an impromptu camera session, loved it! It was a nice walk into town and there were a few nice beaches that we passed although still prefer our choice from last time tucked away. Will hopefully get down there in the next few days! I took Baby to a play area set up especially for the children which was a lot of fun. With my tattoo's I must look like a sort of clown as the other children all wanted to come over and talk to me. Was a little eerie, especially if you have seen the movie about the evil children that attack. Needless to say I kept my watchful eyes open in case I was ambushed!

From the TV channels we watch I feel like I am slowly learning German, although in repeating what I hear I mildly sound as if I am advertising X rated television. Entered my first activity today and got involved with the people, wouldn't you know it two goals later and I had won my first certificate or diploma as it was called by the reps. Whatever though as I have already achieved more than Chelsea this season now ha! Loving the food here and I wish they did a takeaway service to the UK, although quite a distance and possibly a little too much garlic in some of the foods but hey who's complaining. Bring on the next course!