Thursday, May 22, 2008


John TerryImage by Twin Peaks via FlickrThe day after the night before and I feel deflated, matches like the one last night really take it out of me. I remember when England got knocked out of the World Cup, I felt crushed for a while and there was a real backlash aimed at Ronaldo. Maybe it's our culture to blame, already I have received emails about John Terry's penalty and his slip but I don't see how he can be held responsible. I know I wouldn't be able to handle being stood over the final penalty that would clinch the Champions League.

Just imagine being stood there, placing the ball on the spot and feeling a million eyes on you. What I feel is that John Terry is a victim of his own petulance, Chelsea are renowned for it at the moment. Surrounding the referee, kicking off with players as if they deserve to be respected. Tevez played the game, he knew what he was doing, he wound up Terry and he bit. Drogba had no reason to steam in but he did and his reaction was totally unnecessary but it was John Terry that led to all of this kicking off in the first place. I don't blame John Terry, I don't blame Drogba as he got caught up in the moment but had it not kicked off what would the outcome be now. According to the newspapers John Terry was not on the penalty sheet to take one of the five. If Drogba had of stayed on the pitch would he have converted and would we now be Champions. I would have loved to have woken up to that feeling but I have the opposite. For now that remains a dream and hopefully that dream as well as England one day winning the World Cup will come true!!