Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eve of the storm...

Back at work today and it was straight back into everything, the holiday now just a memory. My friend being a star had left me a copy of Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii which will see a lot of action this weekend I am sure when the children are over. After work headed over to see them and they were full of beans. The eldest straight into action organising the game and transferring all of the houses, people and vehicles into the garden for all to play with. My boy was trying to impress with his half volleys and headers with my brothers.

Both were really excited and happy we were back. A week seems like a long time as they both seemed so much older although my son let himself down at the end of the evening as he was getting annoyed with himself at not being able to volley the ball as many times as he wanted. He is getting better all the time! On the subject of football and the Champions League final is tomorrow and I am already getting nervous already. Looking forward to it though!!!