Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex, City and the Touch Screen interface!

Tonight me and the Lady headed out on the town to watch the Sex and the City movie. I wasn't totally up on all the plot details that had taken place through the series but I knew the basics and the characters. We arrived twenty minutes before the doors opened and it was packed. Girls were everywhere, I noted a few boyfriend's like myself roped into taking their girlfriends out! Honestly that wasn't my outlook as I was looking forward to seeing this, although my anticipation was no where near that of my Girl's. She was like a child at Christmas, in fact rope into that the buzz of Easter and throw in all the other happy day's moments. She was really excited, so were all the girl's in attendance because as soon as the music started there were cheers and clapping.

The ultimate chick-flick it was but it was good viewing and there were some real comedy moments that made me laugh out loud. One thing I did note though was why all the men in the movie were perceived as being loners. Drowning their sorrow's into wine glasses, alone!! Is that how women see us, as hapless fools that crash when we haven't got women telling us off, where to go and how to spend the money! These comments are just harmful spite thrown in to the mix to defend the guys. Although there was no defending Big's actions in the movie, I even attempted to humour him to my girl after but she had none of it. Will definitely be picking this up when it's released on DVD, and no doubt several additions to my Girl's wardrobe as well as she loved every outfit that Carrie wore. Here's to the Lottery!!!

Finally all the rumours recently were true about Windows 7 making it's debut at D6. During an interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Chairman Bill Gates, Microsoft demonstrated Windows 7's all-new user interface. I am sure that the news about the Touch-Screen interface will be discussed extensively over the coming months and you can catch up with the latest onTechmeme!