Friday, May 30, 2008


FriendFeed Stats
Originally uploaded by eskimo_shreddies
All roads seem to lead (feed) to FriendFeed at the moment, today seemed to be a really prolific day on the site. Firstly there was Robert Scoble who is the stand out person there as he generates a lot of discussion on the site. Compared to my 50 subscribers he already is approaching 12,000 fast so it's clear that the noise he makes people want to listen to! Be it good or bad he is a hot topic!

Google Talk was a client also generating a buzz today, firstly using the status bar to post updates to FriendFeed and then later to post directly sharing messages to the site like an IM conversation! Finally everyone is showing an interest in each other's statistics, what we're commenting on and what we are liking hence the photo attached. A lot of users seemed to be uploading these picture so I decided to share mine as well. Now currently there is no way to see any trends through FriendFeed to know who has similar interests to you with Like/Comments and this appears to be a requested feature. Well using the FriendFeed API some clever people created just that today! I have linked both of these at the bottom of the post for anyone interested. Hoping Facebook provide a decent API at some point and according to some sites it seems possible. Only time will tell I suppose!!