Friday, May 23, 2008

Get a room

I didn't participate in the Twit-out earlier this week, this was basically a large number of people from Twitter who boycotted the site. Fed up with the outages they all descended onto FriendFeed and hid in a corner under a large pile of leaves. Maybe not a hundred miles from the truth but anyway they all dispersed and took their conversation with them.

The discussion on the FriendFeed site is growing all the time, the Twit-outer's were there anyway making noise and generating discussion so the purpose of the Twit-out maybe was to just massage ego's. Twitter has dominated the blogosphere for a long time, where as FriendFeed is still the new kid on the block. A lot is being written about the two sites, playing them off against each other and I see that being the popular topic at the moment. I will continue to use both as I enjoy what both offer and switch between the two regularly.

Today FriendFeed has launched rooms, I think the best way to describe them is like IRC Channels. The only fault I see at the moment is in actually finding these rooms as I am working off of recommendation. Following where other people are pointing and jumping into discussion. I think it's a great addition and I will write more about my findings and if I see anyone hiding under piles of leaves later!