Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sands of time...

Apparently I leave too much to the last minute but I don't see the big rush, okay I need to pack and there are some finishing touches that need to be done on the house but it will be fine! Today woke up at eight, a lay in by my standards. After getting ready me and Baby rocked over to meet up with the older two children and go football. The Girl's were good as they played together whilst I watched the action and messed about with them. Boy enjoys his football a lot now although I still feel at times he is in his own little world, trying to impress a boy with how high he could kick the ball. Was a fair performance overall though and I have a feeling that he is leaning more towards being a defender as he always looks to stay back and help out at the back.

Was meant to go stables today to sort out horse riding for my daughter but instead headed to base for something to eat and then onwards to Bromley to pick up some bits. Petrol is doing my head in at the moment as over ten percent of my wages goes on that now, throw in my train travel and the amount I would save if I worked from home. Tried that before though and won't be going down that route ever again! After shopping we came home and I should have got myself in gear and sorted out my stuff and some chores. Oh well, there is always tomorrow! He says whilst starting the ironing at 11:40pm! here's to sleep within the next hour, unlikely!!