Thursday, May 08, 2008

Leaving your mark

Today was a really nice day in London, I wasn't able to enjoy the the glorious sunshine fully what with being at work but at lunchtime I decided I would go for a walk. I am ignorant to the culture around Old Street as it's a very vibrant and buzzing area, especially if you take a walk down to Shoreditch and Brick Lane. My lunch was late as I was working on getting a colleagues Laptop set up and we ran into a couple of issues. Haven't seen him much lately as he works at our other company over the road so it was good to catch up. He introduced me to Xobni which is an Outlook app that I am loving and also told me the location of the Banksy flower that was in the newspapers recently. I figured what with it being a nice day I would take a walk over there and check it out.

The sunshine made a change from the usual weather of late and it really felt that the summer was finally upon us. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't full of anticipation to see the artwork as I really do admire Banksy as an artist. Wouldn't have minded going over to the Cans Festival as checking out some of the
photos of the exhibition it did look like an amazing event. Anyway I finally arrived at my destination and stood in wonder for a few moments. The amount of interest this guy generates is unbelievable but he's good at what he does so he can't be ignored. The artwork really stands out as well overlooking a park so it's visible across the whole square. I left feeling content and walked back through Rivington Street passing his Mona Lisa work and several more which looked like his decorative contribution. Going to make arrangements to come into town at the weekend at some point to take in a few of his pieces!