Sunday, May 18, 2008

Final night...

Wasn't in the good books today as I stayed out until around 1AM last night with the reps and my friends who left for home today. Had a few to drink and staggered in late which didn't go down well so it created a bad atmosphere for the day. We kept our distance for the morning with her sunbathing on the beach and I just tried to get in the mix with the activities so as not to end up in a confrontation. We eventually worked things out and the rest of the day ran smoothly. Not the best to fall out in another country with your partners family but I think we handled it well. Wasn't the best of days as it was overcast and there was a breeze but still the day went okay!

I played a few games but the outcome was no more certificates which was a shame especially as I came within one point with rifle shooting. The rest of the games I may as well have not shown up as I wasn't even in contention. Mini Golf and Bowls were no go areas and then we were annihilated in the Volleyball but then we did have this young guy playing who wasn't the greatest. He punched, whacked and volleyed anywhere and everywhere, I suppose it's the taking part.... After the game we threw the rep into the Pool and headed back to the room. Me being the Rocket man ended up locked on the balcony for thirty minutes which was a lot of fun!

Last night at the club and we didn't hang about too long, watched a Parrot show which was amusing as they rode bikes and did tricks which were really novel. After saying our goodbyes we headed off to throw all of our belongings into a decorated box with a zip ready for the long journey home tomorrow! Give Polly a cracker!!!!

Oh and if anyone can explain to me who and what Kaka man is it would be most appreciated as I have absolutely no idea what the show was about!!!