Saturday, May 03, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

I can't remember when I started riding my first bicycle, in fact I don't really know if I have ever mastered the art of riding. I think my most prolific period was when I used to ride to and from work, I was on it then or on one as just ask my Dad. The amount of times he used to have to come down and rescue the bike after it had broken on my journey home from work. I had some funny journeys, even being hit by a car once, nothing serious as it was a learner but still it was another mark against how safe riding a bike is!

So on to today and after travelling over to my parents this afternoon I decided to dig out the children's bikes from the shed. I removed the stabilizers and headed down to the local park, my brothers also followed with a football. I was expecting it to be really difficult to teach them. Within twenty minutes I had them both riding and without incident as well. How good is that, it's more a credit to their balance than my teaching I think! Below are two clips of them that I recorder from my phone...