Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oy Yo!!

Just a recap on what took place yesterday and we headed over to the local Garden Centre, sounds like it would be all flowers and pots but it's so much more than that. It has a place for pets, clothing, books, food and much more. The children love it here as it's like a day out for them as there is a lot on offer to keep them interested. There's is also a lot of things that they want to buy although it went off without incident. I can see me ending up having to buy a couple of rabbits, a tortoise and also a kitten in the coming months. Our home is going to end up like a petting zoo, why bother with a new carpet when I may as well sprinkle sawdust about and be done with it. Whatever keeps them happy makes me happy I suppose!

Today is my sister's birthday and we are heading down to Maidstone for a night out in Liquid and Envy. As tonight will be busy we celebrated her birthday yesterday, everyone was there, well everyone that could be expected as my brother was the usual absentee. Some how people had not told him directly and instead he was at home with his girlfriend and he had been on the brew so couldn't drive over. Minus two we all celebrated her special day and she seems to have gone further than me in my peak of being residence at every bar and been on one for the last week. Suppose it's in the blood I guess ha!

Today has been of sorts as the children have all gone off to the Grandparents for the night while we go out and make shapes on the dance floor. I am in two minds whether to drink or drive although a combination of a little bit of both is a no go! All shall be revealed tomorrow I expect, enjoy your evenings as well I guess in the knowledge that tomorrow there is no work so no need to worry about Monday blues!!