Thursday, May 15, 2008

Out of my depth?

Yesterday we made our first venture down to the beach just walking distance from the hotel and it was a short experience. The reason being that I being the person who doesn't think of consequences jumped straight into a rock pool and ended up flat on my back with blood pouring from my hand and foot. My Girl after laughing her head off and realising the outcome wasn't impressed but hey it could have been a lot worse and with no insurance I was walking a fine line with my injuries.

Today was the second attempt and it was a much more controlled and relaxed spectacle although I could feel my Girl's gaze every time I stepped out onto the rocks. We messed about in the sea for a while with some organised poses and then while she retired to sunbathe I felt the urge to go swimming so I climbed around the rocks on the cove and jumped into the sea. I haven't swam in ages so it was quite a challenge. My foot was throbbing from the blisters and cuts I had picked up over the last week but I wasn't going to let that deter me. I completed my swim and was expecting a cheer from my Girl but she didn't even notice ha! Maybe I will attempt it later in the week or maybe swim around the island, who knows!