Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What Time Zone?!?!

Not sure what was going on with my head this morning, I work up late but exactly an hour later than I usually leave so carried on as normal not noticing the +1 hour. I arrived at the train station thinking that I would just make the train and was left scratching my head. Where was everybody, the same faces I see every morning that are stood there as if part of the surroundings not acknowledging my existence but always in the same place were gone. The station was empty, it then sank in and I was left red faced when I eventually arrived at work.

The work day passed by relativity quickly, need to start coming in at ten more often, I joke as I was lucky it wasn't too busy. Not going to be seeing the older children tomorrow as they are going out for their Grandfathers birthday, they are hooked on Chinese, especially Duck so that comes first ha! My Girl also has an appointment tomorrow so Wednesday club looks like becoming Thursday for one week only. I'm sure it will be a historic occasion!! Anyway here are some photo's that I didn't get around to uploading from the weekend...