Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trick shot

It's hard to get motivated after a three day weekend, it's only an extra day off of work and you would think an extra day of rest. I arrived in work today feeling more tired than ever, and I didn't really get up to anything! It was harder knowing that all of the family were together and made me wish I had booked the time off. Should have really as my Girl also has her operation on Thursday and a few days off would have been a good break. I took too long booking the dates though and over the next fortnight most of my team are in and out of the office on leave!

After catching up on my feeds I had a conversation with my daughter over Messenger. Even with the state of world affairs and the ever increasing price of travel, technology and connectivity really are a welcome break. Without all these means of communication we would be in the dark ages! Sound extreme, I don't think it is! I saw a trailer at the weekend that really caught my attention, a movie called The Happening from M. Night Shyamalan and although not much is revealed in the trailer due to losing communication everything shuts down. I will definitely be watching this movie when released, as Signs and The Sixth Sense before were both excellent.

Today passed by really quickly and at home now after dropping the children home. They made me some really nice cakes while I was at work, although I feel this was just to sweeten me up so that I would put their swing together in the garden. Once this was complete I played football with the Boy leaving the girls to swing to their hearts content. He made me laugh when I told him to try and trick me before shooting and responded with 'Look Dad, there's a fox!' Classic!!!