Monday, May 12, 2008

Return to the Island...

It was the early wake up all over again, luckily we were on it from the word go and rushed around making sure that the house was in order. Then the journey to the airport and the wait for take off! Finally was able to relax on the plane and look forward to a week of relaxation in the sun! The in flight entertainment was alright, first The Bucket List which I tried to get into but kept losing parts as I was sitting with my Girl and listening to the iPod. What I did enjoy though was Top Gear, the episode they had to create stretch cars for the Brit Awards I was proper laughing out loud!

Arrived at the airport and everything was in touch except for the car seat that looked as though it had been set upon by a pack of dogs! After a short drive to the hotel we checked in! Happily standing there excited I was then attacked by the receptionist, it was purely accidental and really funny! It was good to see that the main entertainment person Danny was still there so it was already looking like being a good holiday. We were overly tired though and after food the destination was bed to catch some sleep!!