Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One or both?!?

I am really starting to get excited about the finale of the Premier League this weekend. The newspaper's are building up the hype and the players being interviewed are setting the tempo which if all goes as planned will be a historical end of the season. Hopefully we win our next two games and also Manchester United slip up against Wigan. I'm not asking for them to be beaten, just a game with several goals and the end result being a draw. That would be thrilling, although I am sure if that is what will take place I won't be thinking so at the time. Planning on going somewhere that is showing both games as then I can keep up on all the action. Come on the Chelsea!!

I have been giving it a lot of thought lately in dividing my blog into two separate sites. One solely for the purpose of my family activity and the other so that I can write about my interest in technology, social networking and media. I am undecided but I feel going down this route would work better. I still think as a blogger I have a long way to go as reading some of the updates other blogger's write and following their activity I have a lot to learn. I am getting there slowly, with the help of FriendFeed they are leaving a trail of information I follow, reading and devouring like Pacman. Also adding input to the community with comments that I find beneficial, taking on board what is written and in turn trying to make myself a better writer. Watch out Shakespeare!