Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drastic Plastic

Today the expected happened in that Avram Grant was sacked as manager of Chelsea. I think it's sad to be honest, the supporters never really got behind Grant but he excelled and we finished runner up in three competitions. Okay he was a close friend of the owner but he still had a job to do and he did it well with the weight of expectation. If he had won a total of three more games we would be now celebrating a genius, a man who would have taken us on to an unprecedented treble in his first season. It just wasn't to be though and now we wave goodbye to Avram and await what will take place this summer.

The other stand out thing today was the amount of times that I misplaced my bank card. I gave it to my Girl last night for her to get some food and have a sunbed whilst I went and herded up all of the children. Firstly I should have returned it to it's rightful home in my wallet yesterday as I nearly ran out of petrol whilst returning home. Instead today I got ready with the Boy, headed to football only to have to do a U turn as I had no money on me.

Eventually we got there but I felt a bit embarrassed coming so late. They were alright about it and Boy just got straight into the action, nearly breaking free to score in one of the matches he played. All things come in three's so they say and at the checkout at IKEA later I again couldn't find my card so had to abandon ship and leave everything at the checkout.

Once the smoke had finished pouring from my ears, I found the card and we headed home. Just taken my Girl out to meet her friend and watching Be Cool with the children! Although as you can see from the pictures they have had too much action for today!