Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hat story

Today was not just a bad hair day, it was also not a good idea to wear a hat. Now that's my opinion but I am sure if you happened to be the hat then you would have a different outlook. If this was the hat's blog I am sure it would write about not receiving much attention after Lanzarote and that it was needing an adventure.

Today it got just that and went out into the rain, flew off in the wind and also get to see one of it's heroes in the form of Indiana Jones hat. Even with being the provider of all this enjoyment I wasn't exactly beaming with pride. I felt the opposite as taking the family to the cinema was great but wearing a hat to watch Indiana Jones I must have looked like he was my idol. Going to the cinema is an adventure I suppose as for thirty minutes I had to rock Baby in the push chair and carry Boy on my shoulders. The joys of parenting, what made me laugh is how animated my Boy was towards the movie. He was throwing his arms up and really getting into it. Maybe in another 19 years we will both go wearing our hats ha!

Earlier that day me and my Girl got tattoos, she designed a really good piece for her foot which looks really impressive. I on the other hand got a tattoo of the Eldest on my arm to go with the one of my son that I already have. Eager to show them off we got the first opportunity after the movie when we went for a meal at Zizzi. I was oblivious to people around me, trying to set up the family so that we could eat.

Felt I was safe from prying eyes so I took off my hat to enjoy the food. As the meal finished everyone went for a toilet break leaving me alone with a sleeping Baby. Then as a couple departs I hear my name and feel myself slowly shrinking into my chair. Typical, and I can't emphasise enough the roughness; bearded and definitely seeing better days I struck up conversation with my friend I hadn't seen in a while. Great day and really enjoyed the movie although I feel it was more X Files than Indiana Jones. Just watching the Formula 1 repeat and trying to take my Daily Mugshot with me and the hat for today's photo ha!