Monday, May 05, 2008

No time for envy!

The double birthday celebration last night was like a trip down memory lane, not that I saw loads of old faces but because of the music being played. Not really been to any clubs where the music has been heavily complimented by an MC for a while. Probably right back to almost a decade ago now but still I remember it fondly! We rolled into Liquid shortly after ten and I was more than feeling the combination of Tequila and Red Bull I had consumed.

Not to the extent that I was staggering, not slightly as I had only really sampled what was supposed to be a Long Island Ice Tea but was more like pure Tequila. Not really a Tequila drinker! There is definitely a training need for the person mixing the drinks, either that or a steady hand as he was very generous. Taking on the roll of designated driver almost guarantees that I would be on the Red Bull but I grant this is an ill advised move but I shall never learn. Rather than feeling of sorts I just felt like my eyes were burning, if that's what occurs when you mix Red Bull and Tequila I do not advise!

After collecting a Red Bull from the bar and the same containing Vodka for my Girl we made our way around the dance floor. We were told that there would be no allowance for fancy dress, then would someone explain to me why it was that revellers dressed like Run DMC were allowed to occupy the space around the DJ area. It was amazing, over sized coats, top hats etc I was half expecting Jay Master Jay to walk out and show me the light.

It was a decent night, although air conditioning wouldn't have gone a miss as every time I laid down my trademark moves I could feel myself overheating. Still it may have been hot but where was the sun, wish I could have brought that to the attention of the group of guys dancing near us wearing sunglasses. I don't think they would have seen me to be honest as it was dark enough in there let alone for the sunglasses faithful to be making an appearance! I raise my Red Bull to you all, have a good one, one that doesn't result in you falling down stairs or some other accident. Wish I had of taken more photo's but me and my Girl kept losing everybody and eventually retired home around one after a minor misunderstanding that could have resulted in pistols at dawn!

Today after collecting all of the children in what seemed like a real life version of Pokemon we settled at my parents to watch the football. What a result as well, Chelsea take the title into the final game and fingers crossed we will emerge victorious. Even if we finish level on points I won't really mind as it shows our resilience, especially after everything that's gone on this season. Still the taste of success would be the sweetest ever! The children played most of the day in the garden as my parents had got the pool out for them, with the football on when they finally did become restless my Girl took them down the park for an hour. Busy weekend but it was a lot of fun and looking forward to next week even more!