Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm sure it was the Chelsea end of season dance...

Today was a relaxed day as other than Babies adventures in the wardrobe and safe we just stayed around the Pool area. I really like the temperature here as the heat isn't overwhelming and doesn't make for an uncomfortable sunbathe. Instead there's a gentle breeze and even when cloudy it's still decent and deceiving as well because you can still get really burnt as some have found. There are some proper burnt people walking about and I hope I don't get to their level. Saying that though I still get a lot of attention which I notice a lot with people staring at my tattoo's. I'll be their holiday memory, 'there was this guy, covered in tattoo's...' I am good with it and it's not annoying! Ended up in the pool this morning as I lost a darts game but I wasn't expecting to win, was expecting to at least score though as I was hopeless and in one round I scored three. Danger!!

This evenings entertainment wasn't amazing so we headed over to the hotel over the road. It wasn't too bad over there, tried to get Baby involved with dancing at the mini disco but she is really shy around other children. She wanted to be in amongst the pigeons though so one of us had to stand there with her. The guy running things clearly wanted my number as he marched through to me to have a chat about myself and the family. He even wanted my Girl to enter a Ms Oasis competition but she wasn't having none of it. After the dancing had finished the main event started which was four performers from Ghana. What a performance as well as they were so strong pulling off various maneuvers and at the end got a group of children involved which was unexpected. We left at the end and they must have presumed we were all inclusive as we didn't have to pay for the drinks which rounded off a good night!