Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Sugar!

To celebrate our year together my girl and baby made me a cake yesterday while I was at work. This was a welcome surprise as I wasn't expecting the treat, was well yummy and thoroughly enjoyed. You can see the fun they had from the photos as they got well involved! We will make a night of it over the next few days as I get paid tomorrow so will go out for a meal or a night out somewhere. Lot's going on at work at the moment and prioritising is the key although I have many ongoing projects that I need to start finishing. Tonight with the prospect of a hot clash in the Carling Cup Semi Final with Arsenal and Spurs I was hyped to see the outcome. Clearly not as much as my girl though and we spent the night watching a program about Bears! Got to love having a partner who has no interest in football. I missed out on a classic as well!! Spurs having saved 9 years of non performances put Arsenal to the sword. It's been a long time coming as playing their youth team and succeeding makes a mockery of experienced clubs. Finally tonight some sad news as the actor Heath Ledger has passed away. I rated him highly and I am looking forward to seeing his performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight movie. It's disappointing that it will be his last performance!!