Friday, January 25, 2008


I have truly evolved over the last ten years, as the image above shows I descended from the trees in search of banana's and my life has been non stop since. Firstly working as a labourer I then made the transition once I got into working buying and selling sporting/concert tickets online. Now I am hunched over a PC for the majority of my day. It's my source of entertainment, it's my gateway to the internets ha! I am evolving further now as having solidified myself in a technical support role all things come my way and the tasks I can do effortlessly now even impress me. Finishing work today I was brimming and ready for the weekend! Headed over to pick up the offspring and then over to the nest. The game plan for this weekend is to decorate and get the bedroom ready. We both have a vision and fingers crossed it can become exactly what we imagine. Long term goal of getting a place is looking encouraging as we are looking about but nothing substantial to really report back about yet!