Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new challenger has entered the arena!!!!!!

My quest at the moment is to get involved with new sites, the so called websites of potential for 2008. Read about a few in Newspapers and websites and signed up to a couple but nothing seems to be jumping out at me at the moment. Twitter was the mini blog application from last year that seems to be getting bigger all the time and of course there is Facebook that continues to expand at a rate of apparently 2 million new users a week. I'm on Google's social network but that isn't too appealing, a new blog which I didn't add anything to, I also signed up to some travel site which seemed alright but my trip and journal entry to the shops to pick up some soup I don't think uses the potential of the site. I signed up to Crackle which is like a YouTube spin off and also I am now in a fashion circle but to be honest nothing is pulling me in yet. Maybe I should be more patient as it's early days for 2008 maybe I am being to much like an overbearing Pacman. Hurry up and feed me!!!