Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New player?!?!

If only Maradona had come to our club just over twenty years earlier as no doubt he still commands respect on and off the field. It was back then when he made his name and his legend as one of the greatest players to ever set foot onto the hallowed turf. Chelsea are in fine form at the moment although having Maradona playing would be wicked ha! Even if he is getting on a bit! The game wasn't live tonight instead it was the turn of Man Utd to be on the box. And the modern day great set the headlines with two finishes in the space of a few minutes. Yes I am talking about Ronaldo who is unplayable against at the moment. Although I think it's going to his head a little as I envisioned a certain french player who also wore the number seven a few years ago with the turn of grace after nailing the free kick!

Watched this over my mum's and it was a laugh there tonight, although had a run down on my boys bad behaviour from their mother. To which I said remove his television, any privilidges and let him know that he doesn't call the shots and hopefully he'll get over it. He's always good for me for some reason though, maybe because he knows I mean business ha! Or maybe it's because I know his secret... he's Spiderman!!!