Friday, January 04, 2008

Gimme More!!

Well the quick few days back at work is over and I still don't think my sleeping pattern is back to any kind of normality. Had a good day at work with a lot of preparation work coming together, I think that next week is when it will all start moving as calls aren't back to the norm yet. After work had a jaw dropping moment reading through the latest antics of Britney Spears! Tales of child abduction, drug abusing and threatening to kill them and herself. Is it that difficult for someone to just grab her and take her away from the limelight!!

Compared to her I have a lot quieter weekend, I don't have my children and going to an Art Gallery tomorrow with my girl and baby. The work we are going to see is that of my girls Grandmother who has had quite an artistic career and showcases many of her work across the world. We are going to check out some painting and one that is of my girl and baby that is being shown at Bankside Gallery near the Tate if you are near. Also got to pick up my daughter some shoes at some point and add on to that seeing our friends baby and also saving the world....