Sunday, January 20, 2008

Terrible two's!

Today we did even less than yesterday, normally on the pace to get out we decided on just a day of rest. It wasn't to be though as it seems that a certain madam is now really finding her voice and we have to act accordingly or it's game over. Tip toeing about was never so difficult as if my girl leaves the room she is reprimanded. We both received a few combo's throughout the day for not sticking to the line and then there is the adventurous streak. Not content with toys we need to find a way to stick everything to the ceiling ha. I am the lucky one though as I am off back to work tomorrow my girl though is imprisoned ha!!
Even though everyone knows about terrible two's you can never really be prepared and even though this is just the beginning. Any conversations about having further children are well and truly on hold now as it wouldn't be fair on her as she requires a lot of attention now and her attention span is worse than the boys. It's all fun though and even though your jaw drops at times it is difficult not to laugh at times ha! I'm a little annoyed this weekend as my efforts to speak to my children haven't been successful. I've tried to call a few times but not got anyway and it is frustrating as I don't want to be perceived in a bad light. I always have time for them and being out of touch with no in road I don't want them to come to the conclusion that I am not trying to be involved in their lives. Oh well I see them Wednesday and have them this weekend so just need to make sure that they have a weekend to end all other ha!!