Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Club' ing

Oh yeah it's the day of Wednesday'ness and we all rocked over to my mum's tonight, no real occasion but just to visit and see everyone. Was a good vibe with all the children as well as none of them were tired and nothing was going off like the usual mini wars. The eldest was over the moon that baby had come over to play where as boy was more excited to see me and started kissing me. He must have read my blog the other day I guess. Made me feel all warm like when you wet yourself in winter, hmmm did I just think that out loud!

We ate really healthily at mum's we all had McDonalds, and the Happy Meal gift was quality making it that much better. It was a miniature Guess Who and we all stepped up with this although boy saw it as a race to put all the faces on the board and kept asking why I had beaten him. The night just wasn't long enough though and it wasn't long before I had to drop them home to their mother. I then travelled home to devour more of the M&M's that we have been slowly ploughing through since Christmas and to try and feed my girl my heart on a slice of toast haha!!