Monday, January 28, 2008

Build it up with Lego!

Thinking of paintball for my birthday although need to check the numbers first, I am so bad at organising anything though I really doubt this will get off the ground. Although if you read this and you are interested then give me a call. I would like for this to be in an abandoned building or building Ala Rainbow Six. Like kicking down doors and really getting you going. Spawn killers and campers bring it on ha! Don't think my girl is keen on the idea as getting shot is not her cup of tea but we will do something even better don't you worry! Maybe go to Lego land, it's Lego's 50th birthday and I have so many fond memories of it. I would love to build a house from the blocks but I would feel a bit vulnerable to burglary or it melting. Speaking of melting I had a sunbed today and I am really sore and feel like I melted a bit although that could be sweat!