Monday, January 14, 2008

We put the Aard in Aardvark!!

Today at work was random, we always appear to relate to an animal/bird as in the past we have had associations with Peacocks, Llama's, Alpaca's and now it's the turn of the Aardvark. Why you may ask I don't know but Mother Nature has provided us with such weird and wonderful creations and we happen to find them amusing and make them I suppose our mascots. Aardvark's are really strange looking and it's like they have had a run in with Mr Beetlejuice as it's like they have the wrong heads on their bodies.

Enough of our obsessive animal antics anyway and onto plans for the coming months. Hot topic seems to be parties and in the mix is fancy dress. We chose many different themes but the main sticking point for the girls was army costumes. I think I will probably end up looking like a bit of an extremist dressed like that so will probably go as a carrot or something haha. Another topic this evening with friends was a wedding discussion. Talking about costs and dancing and I think we are going to have our first dance to a High School Musical song and hire a Kebab worker to serve up the cheap food ha! I'm joking obviously although our wedding I am sure will be expensive as all weddings are so looking at ways to make it not such a massive outlay. We aren't even engaged yet so just wishful thinking ha!