Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night Fever

Please don't stop the music is what it's all about in our household at the moment, not because of Rihanna but because there seems to be some good tunes about. Need to sort out another iPod for our holiday as the current one doesn't have the capacity. Listening to the radio in the car today we were updated that Pharrell, Kanye and Lupe are to release an album later this year under the tag CRS - Child Rebel Soldiers. We connect to all of them and feel it will be a quality release, here's a sample...

We had a quiet one by our usual high standards as the weather wasn't too great, yesterday's trip to the park was a disappointment and although we had the dancing competitions we had energy to burn. There's only so much the kids can burn off playing with their toys and although they are creative with the games they put together. For instance the Cafe they made and the menu system they had in place, then there was kiss chase / hide and seek their batteries were still charged. There was the fall outs but they were nothing serious and they played together nicely for the most part..
We watched a movie ordered from Sky Plus called Bridge to Terabithia and this is what our Sunday was to be built around. My girl wasn't feeling too great but she firmed it and we headed over to the woods to play on the rope swing. And were let down once we had rambled through the mud and woods to see that one nasty soul had burnt the rope so it was inaccessible. Possibly they did this for safety reasons as it wasn't very secure swinging over a 'ravine' but it was a good laugh none the less. Even though what we set out to do this weekend didn't fully materialise we still managed to have tales of adventure and quests we tried to fulfill. By the time we have all the children together again I will have been paid so trips to outer space will be the order of play. Woooooooo!! Nestled in here in our collective weekend montage you will see some photo's of us rocking with face masks on. These are really good and I feel ten year younger haha. Okay I admit I am not a face mask virgin but still it's done the trick!!