Thursday, January 31, 2008

Which direction?!?!

After work today I headed over to H&M over Oxford Circus to see if a dress my girl wanted was in stock. It wasn't which was annoying so I hastily headed home to pick up my girl and baby to head over to Thurrock for a romantic evening in Ikea. Girls love it here, it's like one big tunnel of love ha! Anyway as there's a H&M over Lakeside I decided to take her there to find the dress but was still unsuccessful. What's the point in a new range when you're out of stock, makes no sense to me! Anyway we walked about together and me and baby went to Early Learning to look at the Ninky Nonk.

The Ninky Nonk is a train from In the Night Garden but hey you already knew that! Whilst in here we got split up from my girl who was looking for a decent pair of tights. This is where the funniest thing happened. I received a call from her looking for where we were and asking if she had walked to far around the shops. I asked if she was outside a purple shop then she had gone too far down. She responded that she had so I preceeded to guide her past ten more shops saying that you should be walking past... Now past this shop... She then realised that I was walking behind her all along and my knowledge of the shop plan in Lakeside was a fraud haha! Anyway we eventually got to Ikea to return a blind we had brought and whilst at the customer service desk my girl went on her travels again.

I got to the counter and the girl there was working away and chatting to a male colleague as if we weren't there. She said to him that she felt really sick to which I quickly responded with saying that maybe she was pregnant. Silence fell over everyone, except me as I laughed signed the returns slip and walked off thinking that maybe not the right thing to say. Grabbed my girl and then we all headed off for directions ha!