Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's in the game..

I have two more meetings that I am hosting this week trying to get ideas and concepts about improving our department and one of them was this afternoon. Where we have just taken over the third floor it's pretty much just an open office space. Headed up with my usual notes and documentation but as an extra today I also brought a football for a knock about as a possible form of stimulation. A lot of the ideas now are stretched as most of the issues have been covered but we still got a few but admittedly we struggled towards the end of the meeting. Introduced the football for a short knock about but alas all it proved is that we aren't the greatest at stringing a few passes together haha.

Finally got myself some gaming this evening, I used to be heavily involved in the industry but my interest of late has mainly been literature. My friend at work lent me a copy of Call of Duty 4 and having played the sequel a while ago I was looking forward to seeing the improvements. After playing a few levels tonight I am impressed and although after the introduction training course it recommended I play at a Regular level I steamed in on Veteran. Unlocked a few Achievements and sitting here now feeling all high and mighty and having the incline to utter the sentence 'I still got it' haha.

Just reading up about Macworld now from CES and there's no denying Apple are a market leader. Impressed with the iTunes and iPod series upgrades. Looking to get myself an iPod soon and so reading that they will be releasing movies will be wicked for train journeys to and from work. Also for long journey with the children as well as they can sit and watch them and not hassle with the 'Are we nearly there yet's'. The MacBook Air looks really good as well although I wonder about it's durability as it is sooo thin and I expect it's one of the adult toys that shouldn't be left near young children ha! Some great announcements and products have come out of this years CES and it looks like being a good year for gadgets and content. I'm sure I say that every year after the conference!