Thursday, January 03, 2008

Melon Party

My sister's party went well yesterday, I didn't get on it with the drink as I was driving but I had some Vodka Melon which was nice. Couldn't taste much of the Vodka though which I suppose is good if you wanted to get a fix from it. One of my brothers didn't make it to the party, news was that he was watching Eastenders. An hour and a half later and it was decided that the search party be called off and that he wasn't coming. Some how a porno did the rounds and I got a sharp look from my girl when it was handed to me. I couldn't make out whether it was a suggestive take it home with us look or whether she wanted to take off my arm. I'll never know thought ha! Was hoping for an update from my sister today that my youngest brother had got on the case again but she said that he just ended up hugging the toilet. Bless!