Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You wear a tie, you have made it surely!!

What's the definition of definition or to redefine how would you define high definition if it was super hi vision ultra high definition? Well I'll let you into the secret, it's all to do with the resolution and also living in the future. These sets won't materialise for a while yet and with the 4K sets priced at £10k (I've read somewhere anyway) I expect the Ultra sets are even higher or likely not even out of the prototype phase. As I have not yet adopted High Definition I am going to get myself into a position where I will be an early adopter of these future displays or better known as a Geek haha!

Wednesday club tonight and the night had a downer vibe as the babies father wants to get more involved and see her more. This is kind of expected but I see it as weak as there were no real moves when she was small but now she is a fun kid the Chess pieces have been moved. Oh well I just hope that it doesn't become a conflict of interest with her being bought as it under minds us and gives her no morals. Arrived at my mums tonight and the kids all started playing together with the eldest keeping everything in order. I went through some of my old stuff from the attic and my girl was impressed with my art work. I came across an old tie in the bag and the boy well picked up on this as once he was wearing it his whole demeanour changed. He bowled around as if he was brimming with confidence and it was a very funny sight seeing him as the Adult. Dropping them home later their mother said that she hadn't been impressed with his behaviour lately. Hurts me not being more involved with them to nurture them as he is a lot of fun but just requires a lot of encouragement and stimulation.