Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Batman

It's dark in the pulsing heart of downtown London, a neon nightmare of big-city corruption, almost surreal in its oppressiveness. The rain beats down hard but through the downpour a figure emerges. Not even breaking stride he passes through the fire escape and his gloved hand slices through the air. I am loving my new umbrella and it does make me feel like I am Batman ha. Honest, it's one of those umbrella's with the button that is pressed to fire out and open up. Where ever I go now it's like as soon as the umbrella comes out people's jaws drop in awe. Grown men nod their heads in my direction, women tilt their heads and stare with a passionate gaze and then there's the children 'who is that guy' they mutter. I am Joe on my way to work, rocking out my umbrella and keeping dry!!

Got my children this weekend and there's a Russian New Year event taking place in London Sunday which sounds intriguing. Wouldn't mind taking the family up there but with the weather it may not be a great idea. We'll see what turns out anyway but what I do know though is that the dark knight will prevail...