Saturday, January 12, 2008

X Factor's future stars!!!!!

Sometimes a photo just doesn't say enough, that's why today we have red off the plate a double serving of Joe family antics. Firstly above we have a competition that we took part in as a family, the prize was marshmallows and the game was to dance off to Joe Lean. I started the proceedings but it wasn't until the camera moved to the back seat view where it really went off and then came the encore from my girl who clearly had her eye on the prize.

Beefed up the afternoon though as our quest for the day was to go to a park but it was cold and everything was all muddy so with heads hung low this definitely got us back on track. The second clip shows the eldests perfection of the Crank That dance. We heard this song a while ago and it seems to still be getting bigger all the time. We will be audtioning for X Factor soon as the 21st Century's ABBA!