Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bed Peace, not likely!!

So today was the start of our keep fit regime, seems to be a lot of programs on at the moment about healthy leaving and looking after yourself and this is our start. Last time I properly exercised was when I played football for my brothers team. That was some time ago though so I know this will hurt once I get going ha. Baby was taken out for the morning leaving us to warm up and head over the park. We were legend baby!! We ran around for a bit and then embraced each other like we had just completed a marathon. If only we had a photo of that as it was comical. Headed back for some Call of Duty and then to get ready to head over to Bluewater once Baby had returned.

Shopping wasn't too bad but we didn't hand about long and decided to head back to camp. On arriving we just crashed out for the evening and then sensing inspiration I made us reenact the Bed In scene made famous by a certain John and Yoko. After which we watched some TV and then I got myself some more Call of Duty action. I am winning the fight, yeah right!!