Saturday, January 05, 2008

Art Attack

Today we headed off on another London adventure this time we headed over to Blackfriars, back across the bridge and touched down at the Bankside Gallery. We headed here as my girl's Nan has some artwork being displayed. Some of the work from other artists wasn't all that and I feel I could have done better although I am not an established artist so not like my works would sell. My girl's Nan has a distinct style and the work really stood out along with another artist whose name escapes me. The piece we concentrated on most was the painting of my girl and baby. My girl was impressed and where you can buy the work there's the possibility that the picture could end up on someones wall.
After we had finished looking around the Bankside Gallery we headed next door to the much larger exhibition of artwork at the Tate. We spent a while in here, mostly trying to get a great photo of us falling in the crack but it wasn't happening ha. Afterwards we headed upstairs and I tried my hardest to get photo's of the work but was not great and it was as though the security girls would just appear behind me telling me off. I was caught three times and then just gave up! We had a good day looking around the artwork and I was also pleased to get the update from my brother that Chelsea had gone through to the next round without even our players scoring! Result!!