Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Call

Today I sat down and had my personal development plan set out for me, seems like a lot that I have to achieve but it's all about the goals. I want to be the Premier League top scorer, Joe Dawson is Mr. Golden Boot and he is going for player of the year. In an ideal world then yes I would sweep all before me but it's not an ideal world and the next few months is going to involve a lot of work for me. It's all about the input though and hopefully at the end of it all I will come out with the experience and tools to be able to go further, higher and earn more 'er ha!

The whole Wednesday thing was held up tonight as due to a traffic hold up at the first Port of call the knock on effect was me having to abandon ship for my girl and baby and head over to the rest of the kids as a lone soldier! They didn't mind though as I rolled up and concocted a game from my boy having mud on him saying that he had the lurgee. I got seriously taken out by them in this game. Hitting the deck several times and almost causing injury. Felt like a leader tonight as I pulled them both aside individually to talk to them about what I wanted from them at school and to answer their questions. Made me feel good as they both listened and I felt like they took in what I said. Wednesday's just aren't long enough though and they were soon off home and so was I for another day. Need to create a teleport over as the amount of petrol I would save ha! Good news is that Chelsea won tonight, come on Avram! Another final and hopefully more silverware!!!